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How to ID your Yamaha and look up Parts and Accessories

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So you want to look up Parts or Accessories for your _____ (insert a model) OK GREAT! There are Dos and Don’ts

DO: The world lives on Part Numbers. Thousands of parts can have the same description, so looking for “mufflers” (over 4000 parts on our site are mufflers) will NOT get you the results you want. To get the correct part number for the parts you need, you gotta look them up.

DON’T use unverified part numbers from NON-Yamaha sources (forums) - They are almost ALWAYS WRONG- We get more RMA requests from people who got the wrong part number from a forum and they ordered the wrong part.

DON'T rely on Part Numbers from Non-YAMAHA specific websites - They are full of Data Errors.We do Yamaha products and ONLY use Yamaha as our source!

DO look up your own part numbers, that way when you order the wrong part, it’s all YOUR fault!

DO make sure you have the correct model and year of the unit you are working on

DON’T GUESS – a wrong year can make a big difference- Identify your Yamaha with the VIN number.

How to find and identify your YAMAHA with the VIN number - you need the VIN number to ID your Yamaha - Click HERE (.pdf)

This Chart will help you to IDENTIFY YAMAHA products from the Vehicle ID number

OK now we have a basic understanding of the logic involved. You should also by now be able to absolutely Identify your Yamaha product and model year.

You already have a Part Number? Great, just enter the part number into our search box No Part Number?

OK, so here’s how it works

There are basically 3 different categories of Parts and Accessories in the Motorsports World

1. OEM Replacement Parts
2. OEM Accessories
3. Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts are parts that came on your product from the Factory when it was new.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Accessories are the Manufacturers' (Yamaha) Accessories for your model

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories are Non-OEM parts and accessories made by 3rd party companies for your product

OK, Let's Do This!!

: You must determine which category above your parts fit in

SECOND: After you have a good part number, now you can look it up by entering the part number into a search box on our site.

You’re doing this to save money right? There are no shortcuts.Accuracy is EVERYTHING. If you called us for a part number, we have to go through these SAME steps.


Ride Safe and Smart!
Dr. Jay


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